1 Day Left Till Alaskan Cruise

It is hard to believe that it is just 1 day left until I board the Carnival Miracle bound for Alaska! It seems like yesterday I was booking the cruise during the very hectic first part of the year. It is sorta bitter sweet, I am happy to be able to go but then its going to go by so quick.. Oh well tis life. I cannot wait to take tons of photos. I ended up misplacing my camera battery charger and went to several stores here in the area to try and find one with no luck. I resorted to sharing with my mom on this so we will see how that goes. Today we will be stopping to have lunch with my Aunt for a late bday lunch and then heading off to Seattle around 1230 so we can get there and get checked into the hotel for the night. I am hoping that they have a place for laundry so we can do some the morning we are supposed to board the boat. Have all the clothes that we have used the past couple of days all cleaned up and ready to go. Stay tuned for more as this journey unfolds.


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