2 Year Weight Watchers Anniversary June 13, 2018

Today marks the 2 year anniversary since I stepped on the scale for the first time that would change my life. To be honest when I first started this journey I wasn’t sure if I was going to actually stick with it. Thats right I was worried it was just going to be like every other diet I had tried and not stuck with. Enough so that I didn’t even tell anyone that I was joining Weight Watchers. You may be asking me my why? Well my good friend Jana Lynch owner of Jana’s RedRoom https://janasredroom.com actually had started about 6 months before and after a few months started to hit me up and suggest the diet. About 6 months into her journey I saw her transformation and thought to myself okay I need to do this. Here are two photos from just a few days before I started this life changing journey. In the first photo I went to a Disneyland Resort buffet and ate my heart out. I was eating soooooooo much food. I am sure that it was taking years off my life.

At my first Weigh In Monday on June 13, 2016 I weighed 363lbs. You read that right I was 363lbs. Most folks if you talked to them wouldn’t have guessed that I was 363lbs. I WAS FAT! I used to use words like I was chubby, or big boned. But I have come to realize that I WAS FAT!! Yes 2 years and the weight loss I can say I was fat. I never knew I was that big, seeing these photos now its just amazing. I look like a different person now. So its time to give you current photo. This photo was taken just a few weekends again.

I know many of you know I have lost weight and have seen me recently or seen photos. But to get the full effect of just how much Weight Watchers has changed my life here are before and after photos with the two before and the current photo. WOW!! I look like a totally different person.

Today’s milestone deserves its own YouTube Video so Ill be doing a vlog today 🙂

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