Goodbye Chuck – The TV Show

Friday was the last episode of the TV series Chuck. I am sad to see it go. I really enjoyed the show as well as one of the characters Yvonne Strahovski (what can I say the nerdy guy got the hot girl). The TV show Chuck will be missed.

Going down memory lane last year when I was at the WB Studios I got to see the courtyard of the set where the apartment building was, the cage in the back room of the Buy More, and a Nerd Herd Mobile.. I figured I would post a photo of the car as that’s all I was able to take a photo of.

I oppose SOPA and PIPA

My blog header turns to back to oppose SOPA and PIPA!

Congress & Senate you have overstepped your powers!!! If you vote for this bill you will never get my vote again!!!

I support our freedoms and the US Government needs to realize that WE THE PEOPLE give them the power to govern and it can be taken away!! Voting is a powerful thing! Also just FYI the founding fathers are probably turning over in their graves with what your trying to do!

Stand up and take action – Sign the petition at

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