Olympic Games

I love to watch the different Olympic events. It reminds me of the time I was able to visit Greece where the Olympic games got started. I will try and dig up a few photos in the next few days and post them. There was not much left at the site where the games where held but its nice to think about what the Olympics mean. Its a time that pretty much all countries come together and compete regardless of what is going on in the world. I of course love to cheer on team USA! My biggest thing I enjoy doing is watching the medal count. At the present time team USA is down in 3rd place. Come on team USA you can do it!

VZW 4G LTE @ My House

About 10 days ago I discovered that I now have 4G LTE on my New iPad. Wow its really nice. I cannot wait for the new iPhone 5 or whatever it is going to be called to be released. I will be making sure to keep my unlimited data by paying full price for the phone. Worth while in the long run. Check out these awesome speeds.

Free Phone Card from – VZW Settlement

I went and checked the mail today and found out that there was some law suit against VZW and I got a 40 minute (USA) calling phone card. I don’t need a phone card so I figured I would post it here and anyone who wants it can use it. Just remember it only has 40 minutes of USA calling so first come first serve.

Dial Toll Free: (800) 638-0761

Access Code/Pin#: 73829-39172

This is good for 24 months from July 23, 2012. Hope whoever uses the card enjoys 🙂

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