Washington Jan 2014 – Trip Home

We just got back home a few minutes ago. I wanted to take the time to share with you guys my videos I took while we were heading down from Washington.. Had an awesome time visiting with my Grandma and the rest of the family.

Apples to Apples Washington Edition

We got to play our fav game from down in so cal. Yes it was Apples to Apples as you may have guessed since I post about the game so much on my blog. Well check out the Washington edition of the game that we played with the family up here. Great times!

Grandma Spilling Soda

So we were giving Grandma a hard time for all of the soda cans that were sitting in front of her at the table tonight. When she was saying that she only had a two of them she decided to turn it upside down and there was still a bit of soda inside which ended up on the table. It was too funny!!