6 Point Breakfast- Weight Watchers Freestyle

So I only get 39 points a day now on Weight Watchers Freestyle. I don’t like to dip too far into my bonus weekly points. So it’s time to start getting creative. Being a vegetarian most of he zero point foods are off limits to me. I’ve gone back and forth and at some point I see myself maybe having to add chicken or turkey back into the diet. Which I’m not looking forward to but it’s most likely going to become part of life. With that it’s all about saving points for stuff you really want later in the day. Normally I would use 10 points for breakfast and those 4 points afford me toast. Today however I skipped that. Gotta save my points up for something I really want so I can have 3 meals today. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change this diet or journey for anything. But it’s all about choices. Picking what works for you and going with it. Love the transformation I’ve seen in my body. I look like a different person. So here is to my 6 point breakfast. Yes I even had to share some photos below.

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