Card Alerts – How Does Someone Steal a Chip Card

So I got notified via text and email from Capital One for my bank account with them. One I don’t use often. Which I’m guessing is why they felt it was an odd purchase. What I want to know is how does someone steal a chip card and use it. Who would even allow a card to run without a chip? Furthermore here is a business that I want to put on blast!! William E Wallis & Ass in Texas allowed this purchase. And then someone attempted to use the card number at a Gas station our in LA.

When the person attempted to use the card at a Gas Station in LA Capital One texted me. Gotta love it. They give you the info you need right away to address the issues.

Talked with the rep they turned off my card and are getting a new one shipped out for me. They always handle things great! Just like when I had issues with my actual credit card several months back with some small purchases.

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