Breakfast Feb 10, 2018

Enjoyed a delish 11 point breakfast. Gotta love Weight Watchers. It allows me to have whatever food I want. Ive been able to lose over 103lbs on this diet or as I like to call it lifestyle change.

Delish El Torito Lunch Feb 9, 2018

Enjoyed a delish 18 point lunch from El Torito today.

Guardians of the Galaxy Feb 4, 2018

Enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy today at Disney California Adventure.

Weight Loss Noticed on Disneyland AP Photo

Denny’s Breakfast Feb 4, 2018

Enjoying a zero point Denny’s Breakfast compliments of the Best Western Plus Pavilions in Anaheim.

I get the egg whites since it’s zero points.

I spice them up with a little pepper. Okay maybe a lot of pepper.

Good Morning – Best Western Plus Pavilions Denny’s Breakfast