Cletus’ Chicken Shack – Veggie Waffle – Universal Studios Hollywood June 2018

I’ve been going to Universal Studios Hollywood for the past month and I have been looking at the menu to try and find some vegetarian options. The Cletus’ Chicken Shack Waffle Burger looked really really good! I was able to find a hidden not so easy to find list of vegetarian food options at Universal Studios Hollywood and stumbled upon a veggie edition to the Waffle Burger that Cletus’ Chicken Shack sells. I had to give this a try! The veggie burger had a black bean style burger. I had ordered fruit instead of fries and they ended up giving me both! So I had 8 fries because well I wanted to make sure I stayed within my points. Here are some photos of what the veggie waffle burger looked like. I choose to not get the maple mayo so that is something that does come on the burger.

I would recommend this if you want to try something unique while visiting Universal Studios Hollywood. Checkout the first half of this vlog to see how well I enjoyed the veggie burger.

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