Election 2012

So it has taken me a while to write about the election results from the election that happened this week. I am so disappointed in America. People are looking for handouts and freebies. Nothing is free in this life. Something always costs someone something. Who do you think makes jobs and helps the economy grow? Its not the people who do not pay taxes it’s the “RICH” and if they are taxed higher rates guess what happens they stop creating jobs. We take a downward spiral and into a worse economic situation. Granted both guys are bad we just need to choose the lesser of the two evils. However America has spoken. When things turn our bad do not complain!

Anyways enough of a rant. I do not agree with what you did however I defend the process. Oh well stupid America. 4 years and you’ll regret the decision.. Well I will; you’ll be happy.

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