Glass X – Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone X

I go through screen protectors regularly. There has been one that I stumbled upon that I am really starting to like. I accidentally dropped my iPhone X and this tempered glass screen protector did its job and saved my screen. The screen protector had a small crack in it. Since I am picky about the look of my phone and screen protector. Yes it is a pet peeve if someone has a screen protector that is either dirty and not the best or is cracked. Common get a new one! They are cheap enough! Okay now that I have done my PSA back to my post. I had to purchase a new one and I went back to this same brand. I wanted to share this with everyone because I cannot recommend it enough! Love these! They have become my new goto screen protector for my iPhone X.

If you are interested in getting this awesome screen protector for your iPhone X check them out on my Amazon store

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