Homemade Veggie Tacos Dinner May 16, 2017

For tonights dinner we made homemade veggie tacos. First there are 3 main ingredients. The first being Loma Linda Worthington’s Vege-Burger, Some Tomato Sauce, and Taco Bell Taco Seasoning Mix.

Once you have your three ingredients you mix them together and then cook them.

Once you have mixed it together it will look like the photo below. You will then cook it on the stove until its to the desired temperature.

While the veggie taco meat mix is cooking we fry up our shells using some pam cooking spray (0 points)

I had a total of 8 tacos and used a total of 17 points.

Then we put the items all together and have these delicious goodies. I enjoyed 8 of these delish items.

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