I Can Only Imagine By Mercy Me Song & Movie

Today I went and saw the I Can Only Imagine movie. I have always loved this song, and being able to see the story behind the song was very moving. I hardly ever get emotional during a movie, but I must say I found myself at times shedding a few tears watching this movie. My heart went out to Bart Millard the song writer and singer of I Can Only Imagine. Bart had an abusive father and his mother left while he was young and away at camp. Towards the end of his father’s life he was finally getting to have the father that he deserved. Checkout the trailer below to see some clips from the movie.

Seeing the movie, listening to the history behind the song, and really listening to the words made me look at my walk with God. At the end what will my relationship with God show. Could I have done more, should I have done more, did I live up to what God wanted me to? All questions that started to go through my head towards the end of the movie. This movie really put a lot of stuff into perspective.  Today is a new day, what will you make of it? Will you live your life walking with God or not?

Now, if you haven’t make sure to watch the trailer above and then listen to the song below. Make sure to really listen. Making sure to pay attention to the words in the song.

Whats going on through your head after seeing/listening to the clips above? If you saw the movie I would love to hear what you took away from the movie. Either way make sure to post to the comments below and let me know whats going through your mind.

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