I’m Getting A Dog – Her Name is Belle

So I decided that I wanted to get a small teddy bear/toy dog as they call them. I would like you guys to meet Belle. She is supposed to be coming home later this week if everything works out. I cannot wait to go to the airport and pick her up! Stay tuned I am sure I will be sharing more and more photos. But here are the photos that the folks that breed her took and posted. I got to FaceTime with her on Friday she seemed like a cute dog, and was excited to be outside and playing around. They told us they had been inside a while because it had been raining a lot recently. So funny story with her name I and several other folks that we’re providing input all thought about Disney Characters. We all thought of Belle kinda independently which is too funny that we all thought of the same name. I am excited to add Belle to the family.

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