William Backy

Los Cucos Mexican Cafe Las Vegas – Who Puts Meat Sauce in a Cheese Enchilada 

Okay so we stopped off at a Mexican joint and figured we would grab lunch. I ordered two cheese enchiladas. Apparently they put beef in their sauce. What the hell? Who does that. Obviously I didn’t want meat!! Two thumbs down!! 

So here is the plate of meat sauce. Good thing I only took a bite of the enchilada before I noticed. 

Told them I’m vegetarian and they should really make sure that they don’t do that kinda stuff. Because it ends up in a bad review on my blog and also on Trip Advisor. Had them make me a cheese quesadilla. Cannot go wrong with that. So the waitress did good even brought different beans and rice with it. Just had the quesadilla. Forgot to take a photo of this plate but here is the photo of one of the slices of the quesadilla. The tortilla was amazing. They have that going for them. 

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