Losing Weight

So I’ve not really talked about this on my blog or any of my vlogs. But I’ve been on a diet since the last week of June 2016. So it’s been about 4 months now and I’m happy to say I am down 39.2lbs. Today at my weigh in I had to double check and triple check the scale to make sure it was correct. Yup I was down 4lbs today. So I’ve had a few folks ask me what I’m doing and so to maybe help others out there that want to lose some weight as well I’m going to share. I am doing Weight Watchers. Yup I am doing Weight Watchers. I use the app for everything it does an amazing job of allowing you to scan food, has it already built, or allows you to piece food together to create a meal. Today’s weigh in gave me a graphic that said I’ve lost 10% of my body weight. WOW is all I can say. I could see a difference this just proves there is a difference. I was going to wait until I reached 50lbs but I just had to share this morning. I’ll make sure to keep updating you all on the way going forward. There have been a few ups and downs but it’s always been good and I’ve kept up so far. Here is to this week! 

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