Mashable Shop | SEOPop: Lifetime Subscription from PopNet Media LLC – What A Scam

So I got an email from Mashable Shop because I had purchased a lifetime VPN service from them in the past. So I periodically look and see what goodies they have on sale. There was an SEO helper and I figured at $9.99 why not give it a shot. They give you access to a code that takes you to the third party vendors website that then allows you make the purchase on PopNet Media LLC’s website They said it takes 24 hours to get your account information, when that didn’t happen I logged a ticket to check and see when I would get account information. It has been over 30+ hours since I logged the ticket with no reply! This is a huge scam! I would recommend everyone stay clear from PopNet Media LLC. They do not care about their customers and simply have yet to provide any support. PopNet Media LLC was a too good to be true product/service.

As I get more Ill make sure to do another post and link to it from here. I am including screenshots of the experience above for everyone’s reference.

Updated 2/28/2018 @ 9:18am – Got an email from the company – see the new blog post with information – click here

6 thoughts on “Mashable Shop | SEOPop: Lifetime Subscription from PopNet Media LLC – What A Scam

    1. Yea plus it doesn’t give you anything you couldn’t get free elsewhere. I wasn’t impressed. But what can I say for the price. I just hope other folks didn’t pay full price because it wasn’t worth it.

      1. Yea be happy. I’m just happy it wasn’t the price they were peddling. I would have been so upset.

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