May’s Lootcrate Not Shipped

So apparently this month Lootcrate must feel I am not deserving.. I paid for a month, then updated it to a year and this month I have yet to get a Lootcrate shipping email and my account shows nothing 🙁

Someone has a bug in their software that needs to be fixed. Wonder how they will make it up to me this month since my buddy Chris will be posting his now. Showing it off. YUCK!! Lootcrate you failed me!



4 thoughts on “May’s Lootcrate Not Shipped

  1. I didn’t get an email either and my box arrived today. So yours could be on its way already.

    1. I emailed them as well and got a reply back it was sent out. It’s expecting delivery today. Good to know I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get an email. Wonder why their account section doesn’t show that it was shipped. Defiantly a bug they should fix.

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