Lupe’s in Loma Linda

So I went to Lupe’s yesterday in Loma Linda I would give the food a 2 stars. The salsa tasted like it came from a jar from the grocery store. We all know the name brand stuff. They had 1 waitress for the entire restaurant. It’s not something I would recommend. There are many other great local Mexican restaurants that I would choose over this.

I took a photo of the my plate to share.


Goodbye Chuck – The TV Show

Friday was the last episode of the TV series Chuck. I am sad to see it go. I really enjoyed the show as well as one of the characters Yvonne Strahovski (what can I say the nerdy guy got the hot girl). The TV show Chuck will be missed.

Going down memory lane last year when I was at the WB Studios I got to see the courtyard of the set where the apartment building was, the cage in the back room of the Buy More, and a Nerd Herd Mobile.. I figured I would post a photo of the car as that’s all I was able to take a photo of.


So I ordered something from an infomercial called eggies. You crack the eggs into the container and boil it to make a hard boiled egg. Well it tasted the same. Didn’t like quite the same and clean up was okay. Not sure if it saves time from having to crack or not. Jury is still out.