So I ordered something from an infomercial called eggies. You crack the eggs into the container and boil it to make a hard boiled egg. Well it tasted the same. Didn’t like quite the same and clean up was okay. Not sure if it saves time from having to crack or not. Jury is still out.



Cool Computer Effects

So I was playing around with my web cam today just seeing what the software has to offer for some uncoming videos I want to create and they had some interested effects. So I figured I would combine the vidoes and upload it to YouTube and share with you all.

I oppose SOPA and PIPA

My blog header turns to back to oppose SOPA and PIPA!

Congress & Senate you have overstepped your powers!!! If you vote for this bill you will never get my vote again!!!

I support our freedoms and the US Government needs to realize that WE THE PEOPLE give them the power to govern and it can be taken away!! Voting is a powerful thing! Also just FYI the founding fathers are probably turning over in their graves with what your trying to do!

Stand up and take action – Sign the petition at