Memory Lane

So I’ve been going down memory lane a lot today. And I went and dug out an old book from grade school (6th grade) and I found this drawing that they did for a class shirt. I tell you wow have I grown and learned so much from the person I was back then.


William’s Family Tree

So I did loads of research a few years back with the help of a friend who is a guru when it comes to Genealogy. Well the show “Who Do You Think You Are” is back on and got me thinking I should publish all that cool work I did. So I setup a website with all the family tree information I was able to gather.. Check it out at I have also added a link on the right hand side of my blog under my links area.

Lupe’s in Loma Linda

So I went to Lupe’s yesterday in Loma Linda I would give the food a 2 stars. The salsa tasted like it came from a jar from the grocery store. We all know the name brand stuff. They had 1 waitress for the entire restaurant. It’s not something I would recommend. There are many other great local Mexican restaurants that I would choose over this.

I took a photo of the my plate to share.