Cool Computer Effects

So I was playing around with my web cam today just seeing what the software has to offer for some uncoming videos I want to create and they had some interested effects. So I figured I would combine the vidoes and upload it to YouTube and share with you all.

I oppose SOPA and PIPA

My blog header turns to back to oppose SOPA and PIPA!

Congress & Senate you have overstepped your powers!!! If you vote for this bill you will never get my vote again!!!

I support our freedoms and the US Government needs to realize that WE THE PEOPLE give them the power to govern and it can be taken away!! Voting is a powerful thing! Also just FYI the founding fathers are probably turning over in their graves with what your trying to do!

Stand up and take action – Sign the petition at

New Look for a Fresh Start

So having to start over fresh has made me want to start over with a new theme. I am really starting to enjoy the theme. Nice thing when I have more photos to add to the header. It will actually be able to rotate through my images. Stay tuned for more stuff to come. I am going to be updating my blog on a regular basis so make sure to stay tuned.