Red Robin Lost It’s Yumm And A Customer

I want to say I am a regular to Red Robin as many may know by my food posts to my blog and any of my social media accounts. Tonight we went to Red Robin and found out that they moved away from the Boca Burger to some home brew nastiness! Yes it was nasty!! In my opinion Red Robin has lost its Yumm and this customer along with it. It is my hope you hear this and bring back the Boca Burger and get rid of the cheap crap you brought in to save a buck. Red Robin is losing more $$ by me not going than it was for cutting the Boca Burger from its menu. Thanks for making one of my favorite places to go out my least favorite place! Bring back the Boca Burger!!

2 comments on “Red Robin Lost It’s Yumm And A Customer

  1. Elizabeth

    My birthday dinner was just ruined! I already called corporate, the server, and the manager. I feel like a meat eater who walked into Red Robin and got seated only to be told they no longer offer beef patties but instead a Quinoa burger. Without warning! Instead they took away the only burger that went with lots of different flavors was an ACTUAL meat substitute not just some vegan hipster trend like quinoa. I have never eaten meat my whole life so losing a restaurant that I could eat at and enjoy in multiple states is a big deal. I will not give up this burger without a fight.

    Ps that quinoa burger just falls apart uhhh… my mom actually said she almost gagged on its flavor … I did a little better I ate 3 bites..

    1. williambacky Post author

      First off happy belated birthday. I am sorry to hear that your birthday was ruined. I totally hear you. I tweeted corporate, got several folks posting comments to my YouTube video and watching it and they just ignored me. They don’t care. I would have been happy to just pay an extra $1 for it. What they did was narrow down their customer pool and pushed folks out. Very sad. I would be interested to hear if corporate responds to you. Like you I ate a couple bites, it was nasty just nasty!


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