Ring.com Alarm System – Ditching Protection One

So we have a basic alarm with Protection One and they fail to update the app. They just do the bare minimum unless you purchase more hardware from them and then upgrade into a long term 2 year contract. I have been waiting after looking at the DIY solutions on the market and settled on Ring.com’s alarm. I am rather excited when I got the email yesterday saying they were releasing it! Cannot wait until it arrives early July 2018! So ready to say Goodbye Protection One!!

Below is a screenshot taken from their website of the system. One of the biggest things that drew me to them over the other competitors is the look of the equipment. I like it, its modern, and sleek.

To share with everyone what I get from Protection One vs what I will get from Ring and cost comparison.

Protection One charges $64.75 a month that is $777 a year just for monitoring.

With Ring.com I got 2 keypads, 2 motion sensors, 3 entry detection system, the base station for $343.74 out the door for the equipment. The monitoring service for all of Ring.com’s items is $10 a month thats $120 a year and includes cellular backup. In a little over 7 months the entire system is paid for and the years service is paid for! Whats not to love!! And its brought to you by the same company that brings you the Ring Doorbells. This means 5 months of savings and then the second year of ownership is a $657 savings!!

I will be doing some videos of the unboxing and install and setup. Cannot wait for this to arrive! If this makes it to Ring would love to see the alarm come before release 🙂

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