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Breakfast March 27, 2018 | Wheat Toast, Morningstar Farms Breakfast Patties, Mustard, and Bananas

Enjoying a good breakfast this morning. Yes I am going to actually be tracking everything this week. Gotta lose this week, and this is my way of being accountable and doing it right. Getting to the point where we lose again vs gaining. Even though it was only gaining a bit still it was in the wrong direction. used 6 points for breakfast this morning.


Weight Watchers – Monday Morning Breakfast May 1, 2017

I am really enjoying the Weight Watchers diet. It has allowed me to eat what I want, within reason and lose weight. Here is today’s breakfast, which is pretty much what I eat every morning for breakfast. It is only 8 points.

Weight Loss Breakfast April 10, 2017

So as promised I would be posting my food along with the points for each of the items. The below photos are my normal for breakfast. It totals 8 Weight Watcher Points.

I have:

  • 2¬†Alfaro’s Micro – Bakery Artesano Style Bread – 2 slices = 5 points
  • Morningstar Farms Veggie Breakfast Sausage Links 4 links = 3 points
  • Mustard instead of butter or margarine = 0 points
  • 2 bananas = 0 points

With this for breakfast it leaves me 53 points for the rest of the day and I still have my 42 points for the week.