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8 Days Until Mexican Cruise 2017

It is only 8 days until our Mexican cruise! I cannot wait!! Its been a long time coming!

50 Days to Mexican Cruise 2017

Hard to believe it’s only 50 more days until our Mexican cruise for 2017!! So excited!!

108 Days Until Mexican Cruise 2017

Went and got the passport photos retaken today and getting stuff ready. Good thing. We only have 108 days until we set sail!! Cannot wait!!

150 Days Until Cruise in Dec 2017

Its hard to believe we have only 150 days until we head out on our Mexican cruise in December.

Booked a Cruise for 2017

Okay so as you know I booked a cruise and accidentally booked it for 2018. Well I have now booked a cruise for 2017! Got another great deal. The count down is 193 days to go! We are actually going to be on the same cruise ship this year as well will next year! Cannot wait!!