Breakfast For Dinner – Grandpa’s Birthday Celebration – Feb 27, 2018

Enjoyed a delish dinner at Denny’s this evening with family to celebrate my Grandpa’s bday.

Yup you know me I used pepper and lots of it!

Denny’s Breakfast Feb 4, 2018

Enjoying a zero point Denny’s Breakfast compliments of the Best Western Plus Pavilions in Anaheim.

I get the egg whites since it’s zero points.

I spice them up with a little pepper. Okay maybe a lot of pepper.

Denny’s Breakfast Compliments of Best Western Plus Pavilions

Enjoying a free 3 item breakfast at Denny’s this morning compliments of our hotel Best Western Plus Pavilions. 

  1. 2 servings of egg whites = 1 point
  2. 1 English muffin no butter = 4 points

I’m using a total of 5 points for breakfast. What 3 items would you choose? 

Best Western Plus Pavilions March 18, 2017

So we stayed at the hotel that gives away free Denny’s breakfast with the stay. This time because of my status they upgraded us to two queen beds instead of two double beds. Gotta love the Best Western Rewards program. 

Here is our breakfast voucher for Denny’s. 

Getting our FREE Denny’s breakfast. 

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