Best Western Encinitas Inn & Suites At Moonlight Bay – BAD EXPERIENCE – 2 Thumbs Down

First off I have to say I love the Best Western brand and have stayed at this hotel before. I am however sad to see this as a Best Western branded hotel. I think Best Western should send some folks out here and really reconsider this hotel being part of the Best Western family. As I am writing this blog post right now there is a party going on in the Best Western Encinitas Inn & Suites at Moonlight Bay pool house. That’s right the hotel rented out their pool house to a wedding party. I attempted to call the front desk 3 times and got sent to voicemail. I attempted a 4th time where I was able to reach a gentleman at the front desk who said the folks paid to rent out the pool house for a wedding reception and they were allowed to play the music and be rambunctious to say the least. When I explained I also paid for a room the gentleman at the front desk said he would ask them to turn down the music but it was their choice. I explained to the guy if he didn’t do something I would call Best Western corporate to which the gentleman said whats corporate going to do? Well I would expect that Best Western corporate would want to make sure the hotels under the brand are actually representing the brand the right way. I attempted to contact Best Western tonight however customer care was closed. This is a very sad day for Best Western. I am a diamond rewards member and stay numerous times with the Best Western brand this is the first time I have had such a horrible experience. What makes it even worse is I am having to pay for this experience!! My room is vibrating due to how loud the music is!!