My EPIC Road Trip 2015 – Happenings and Stops

So I have been getting lots of requests to find out details about my trip this year where I dubbed it an EPIC road trip. I have decided to go ahead and post our stops. I am counting down the days. Oh and by the way just on the off chance you thought I was joking about counting down the days.. Guess what?? It’s 64 days away!!!

Day 1 – We leave after work and Drive to St George Utah. We will be passing through California and Nevada and just a wee bit into Utah.

Day 2 – We drive all the way through Utah and into Idaho. We will be spending the evening in Blackfoot Idaho

Day 3 – We will be driving a bit in the morning and arriving to our destination where we will spend a few nights. We will spend the afternoon visiting Yellowstone. I am soooooo excited! I have not been since I was like 7 years old! We will be spending the evening in Gardiner, Montana.

Day 4 – We will be spending a full day in Yellowstone and another night in Gardiner, Montana. Again soooooo excited!

Day 5 – In the morning we will be visiting some more of Yellowstone. In the afternoon we will make the short drive to Missoula, Montana where we will be spending the night.

Day 6 – We make the drive over to Spokane. Our arrival in Spokane marks my Grandmother’s and my second cousin Eden’s birthday. Of course we will be spending the evening in Spokane, Washington.

Day 7 – We will be visiting with family in Spokane and spending another night.

Day 8 – We say goodbye to the family in Spokane and here comes the EPIC part of the trip we are going to drive about 7 or so hours up into Canada and spend the weekend in Banff, Canada and one of my Worldmark Resorts.. This is another place I have not been since I was little, I would say about 5ish.

Day 9 – We will visit around Banff and do some exciting stuff, not sure what yet. I guess given we only have 64 days we need to start planning it.

Day 10 – We have another day and night we get to visit and stay in Banff

Day 11 – We start the trip back. We will have a night stay over in Spokane, Washington

Day 12 – We do more driving and head down to Vancouver, Washington where we will spend a few days and nights. My Aunt, Uncle, and cousin will also be arriving up to Vancouver today.

Day 13 – Spend time with family in Vancouver, Washington.

Day 14 – Spend time with family in Vancouver, Washington.

Day 15 – Today is the day we say goodbye to the family in Vancouver and head down to Mt. Shasta and spend the night.

Day 16 – We drive some more and are spending the evening in Mammoth Lakes, California

Day 17 – We drive the remaining hours back home and get to sleep in our own beds after an amazing EPIC road trip!


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