Facebook Data Request | The Information Facebook Has On Me Is Scary

Okay so folks have been talking about getting the data requests of your account, get the downloads or archives they are calling it. There is a wealth of information that they are keeping in here about you. The process was rather easy. I went to settings and the button was right there!

Once you decide to click the link you are taken to a screen to give you some background information.

Once you go through the steps you get two emails the first being that they are in the process of processing your request and the second one once it is complete where they provide you with the ability to download your personal archive.

After clicking the link you are prompted with the final step which is click here and enter your Facebook password one more time.

Check this out! I had over 153MB in a zip file worth of data!

This is pretty scary, but then its not because everyone is collecting data on us its hard to not have electronic data on us. Given I have shared a lot of this with the world anyway. They even have it all nicely organized, folders, and even an index page for me to browse all this data.

Here is a screenshot of the awesome index page. Yes as much as I am willing to share as it has my current cell number on here along with other information that I wouldn’t be posting out on my blog.

Tried to find my very first post and not sure what this means. It doesn’t show anything in the fields. Wonder if that means the post was deleted or they don’t have it. Or maybe there is a conspiracy going on and they redacted it. Ha ha okay not likely.

They even have all my conversations all nicely organized and folders for all the photos, gifs, and everything I have said in the messenger app.

All my photos and albums all nicely organized into folders as well.

So that was my experience, or what I really care to show. But this is pretty interesting stuff. If you have downloaded your Facebook archive what have you found? Do you want to know? Makes you wonder what other folks like Google have on you and your search history. Make sure to post in the comments below with any thoughts, or observations from viewing of your Facebook Archives.