Road Trip Day 6 – Grandma & Eden’s Birthday

Got to spend the afternoon and evening with Grandma and Eden on their special day. Here is a photo I took of them opening presents. 


At Grandma and Eden’s party I got to see my cuz James, his wife Jennifer, and their two sons Andrew and Logan. We got to take a nice photo together. Had a blast catching up and getting to know Jen and your two kids. 


A Grandparents Book – To Me

So we have been doing lots of cleaning, no we are not moving just doing an extensive decluttering of our house. Came across this today and just had to read some of the stuff in the book. Man life goes by so fast! Remembering my Dad and Grandma and all the others I have lost during my 30 years. Making the most of every moment that God blesses me on this earth. 








Grandma Spilling Soda

So we were giving Grandma a hard time for all of the soda cans that were sitting in front of her at the table tonight. When she was saying that she only had a two of them she decided to turn it upside down and there was still a bit of soda inside which ended up on the table. It was too funny!!

53 Days Until a Weekend @ Grandma’s

So in spirit of all the other count down clocks I figured it would be cool to do a count down until we leave to go see Grandma for a weekend. Coincidentally we go see Grandma on 1/24 and then on 4/24 we leave for vaca.. How funny is that?