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El Torito Mexican Food – Then and Now Photos on Weight Watchers Feb 24, 2018

So I was talking with Mom yesterday about my plate size and the amount of food I used to eat when I started the Weight Watchers diet and what I am eating now. I told her I should really do a then and now or before and after photo of my food. So here you go the then/before photos were taken back when I first started the diet back in 2016/2017. This was a regular meal back back when I was at my heaviest.

The three photos are of what I used to eat. I used to have tones of tortilla chips, guac, and 4 cheese enchiladas. I couldn’t even eat all this now. WOW! Hard to believe how far I have come food wise and how much I used to eat vs how much I eat now.

As promised here is a now/after photo. This is what Weight Watchers has allowed me to get down to and still feel full. Yes I do not starve myself. I am actually enjoying food still and getting to eat what I want.

Its easy to see the changes when folks actually see me, but its even more interesting to see what the change means in the food I eat. Still not depriving myself of delicious food, but being able to lose weight. So far 106lbs down! This is my thank you to Weight Watchers and my good friend Jana Lynch who showed me what this program could do for me. Thank you Jana!