Mt Shasta City – Black Bear Diner – The Original

so we stopped in Mt Shasta and decided to eat at the original Black Bear Diner. It was okay not as good as I remembered. Next time I’ll pick another spot. The hashbrowns had to have ketchup. I do not normally need ketchup for hashbrowns. They burnt the toast on a sandwich. 



Road Trip Day 2 – Alaska Bound

Today was another long drive we ended up leaving shortly before 8AM from Redding, CA and drove the rest of the distance between California and Oregon. Then we proceeded to drive the entire state of Oregon just over the boarder between Oregon and Washington to Vancouver, Washington where we will end up staying the night. I managed to take a few video clips as I was driving to the not so pleasing looks from my mother however it was for the most part a much better drive today because of all of the scenery. Check out the videos and tell me what you think.

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