Weight Watchers Weekly Update May 8, 2017

So today is weigh in day and guess what I lost some more weight again! My daily points have dropped from 61 to 60 a day! The stuff you have been waiting for..

Weight loss this week: 1.2lbs

Weight loss entire diet: 70.6lbs

Here is to hoping I get my 75lbs before my 1 year mark!

El Torito Lunch/Dinner April 14, 2017

Enjoying a nice delish lunch/dinner at El Tortio. Here is the break down point wise. 

  1. 15 tortilla chips = 5 points
  2. Lots of salsa = 0 points
  3. 1 cup refried beans = 6 points
  4. 3 cheese enchiladas = 22 points

I have 10 points left over for something tonight! So far I’ve not dipped into my weekly bonus points!