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Disney Coronado Springs Resort March 2020

We didn’t get a lot of time to check out the resort while in Florida but we did walk around a bit the last day and took a few photos. Here are the photos I was able to get. Sorry it is not more. I really had hoped to get you guys a tour of the resort and more.

Grocery Store March 14. 2020

It took me a while at the grocery store. Needed something quick before we do our normal shopping on Sunday. Stater Bro’s is getting picked out of everything. Seeing the store shelves like this and hearing their large warehouse is getting empty I needed to ensure we had some food too.

So I went around and got stuff that is frozen and will last or will allow us to make things like bread which are gone! Got tones of food will be eating at home more the next couple of weeks. I can only imagine what Costco looks like.