Rainforest Cafe – Jan 28, 2017

Enjoyed a nice dinner at Rainforest Cafe this evening. Used my $25 reward this evening. Gotta lot Landry Select Club. Plus the wait was only 5 minutes instead of 45 to 1 hour. 

So I got so stuffed I only used about 31 points for dinner. I still have 10 points for later. This is what was left on my plate when I was done. 

Our waitress was amazing! Kept asking if we wanted to have refills, if we needed extra salsa for my chips and all. Was excellent service!  

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe

Enjoyed a nice dinner at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney tonight. I normally get the nachos without beef. Look what our waitress brought out for me. Kelsey hooked me up!! All I can say is WOW!!  This was the best nachos I have ever had at Rainforest Cafe. I did eat more than I should have because it was so delish!! If your ever down in Downtown Disney I recommend Rainforest Cafe! Make sure to see if Kelsey is on. Get her as your waitress!!