Ordered New Tires 2017

So I went to Sams Club today and they didn’t have any, thats right I repeat ANY tires that would fit my Ford Escape. I had to special order them from SamsClub.com. So thats what I did, they should arrive in 3-5 days and hopefully I can get them put on in short order. I ordered some Goodyear Eagle Sport tires. The reviews were good. Cannot wait to get these puppies on my Escape.

Skinny Pop Popcorn

So mom got some Skinny Pop Popcorn one day at work and brought several bags home. So I scanned them and they are only 3 weight watcher points per bag. We went to Sam’s Club today and got two 24 package boxes of the stuff for less than $20. For only 100 calories per bag this stuff tastes amazing!!