Thanksgiving 2015 – What I’m Thankful For

So I decided this year I would list all of the stuff I am thankful for from this past year. Sort of a recap if you will. These are in no particular order. Being that I’m doing this from my phone it’s a bit hard to rearrange it. 

  1. My family – my mom, brother, family close by and those far away
  2. My job – I love what I do and it affords me many of the things I am thankful for lower on this list. I work for a place that does amazing things day in and day out for folks
  3. Good health – I’m telling you I think it’s the vegi food diet
  4. Great coworkers – we are a great team and they are awesome! I couldn’t ask for anyone better
  5. The amount of traveling I’ve been able to do this year. Be it evenings at Disneyland, weekend getaways, our EPIC road trip (we were gone for 18 days!) to a wonderful Thanksgiving in Pagosa Springs Colorado where it did snow a bit today
  6. Grandma – my grandma had some health scares in the early to mid part of the year. I’m happy we got to spend some time with her be it just for a few weekends
  7. My unlimited data cell phone plan with Verizon! I’ve used so much data this year mainly uploading all the awesomeness which was my travels that I would have paid for someone college tuition had I not kept it
  8. My two mentors. They know who the are. They have been there for me and have helped me grow into the person I am today One giving me the leadership opportunities and teaching me all I know. The other helping me with growing as a person and being there when I needed advice. I can defiantly see a difference in myself and how far I’ve grown over the last several years. All I can say is a humble Thank You
  9. The freedom to believe in God, I know he has a plan for me and I’ve seen him work in me over the past several years. I’m thankful for the growth and opportunities he has given me. For his everlasting love and guidance over me. I’m not always perfect but I am thankful Jesus was so I have the opportunity for everlasting life
  10. Last but not least… For my followers – I love being able to share my travels, what’s going on in my life with you all. I need to do a better job though of giving more informative type content. I’ll make sure to do some of that as well in the future