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Pre-Trip Checklist Update

Checkout the updates to my Pre-Trip checklist.. Two items down 3 to go!

So there are still some items that I need to get done before my vacation to Ireland. So I figured I would post them here.

1. Get a haircut – Called and my normal lady is on vaca as well. Hopefully I get a good haircut on Wednesday Night

2. Finish Packing

3. Get some breakfast grub for Thursday morning since we will be getting up rather early

4. One last minute trip to Wal-Mart for some items my mom needs for the trip

5. Grocery Shopping for my Brother so he has some food and all while we are gone

Today I am Alaska Bound – 0 Days

Well today is finally the day that I will board the boat to head towards Alaska. I logged into the cruise ship website and we must be in a transitional period as I do not see the booking or a count down clock 🙁 I was hoping that they would show a “Now Boarding” type message but oh well. So just a small itinerary/to-do list for today.

  1. Wake up – check I actually did this 45 min before the alarm clock went off
  2. Blog about the cruise – check since I am doing that right now
  3. Get a shower
  4. Eat some breakfast
  5. Do a couple loads of laundry to have a full suitcase again for the cruise – the place opens at 8am so head over to be there for opening
  6. Fill up the rental car with gas
  7. Drop mom and bro off at the terminal with the luggage – so I do not have to take shuttles with all of the luggage and items we have
  8. Take the rental car back to Avis
  9. Go back to the terminal and meet up with mom and bro
  10. Go to the cruise line’s transfer service at door 00 of baggage claim – They start the shuttles at 10AM
  11. Get a shuttle over to the pier 91 in Seattle
  12. Wait until around 1 to board the boat
  13. At 4PM Pacific we leave port for the open ocean

Wow as I was writing this big long list of to-do’s today It seems almost too much to get done is such a short amount of time. Oh well it will hopefully make the time go by much faster. I am so excited to board the boat and see what my upgraded room and everything will look like. Its hard to believe it is finally here! Stay tuned I plan on blogging during the cruise. I am not sure about the internet from my cell so we will see how much I blog but there is a plan to!