Mailbox Broken Into

So I am late getting this posted. On Wednesday after work on my way home I stopped at our community mailbox and found our mailbox like this. I called the local police but was told I had to call the postal inspectors. The lady that took the report was rude when I asked her what the next steps were. Obviously I want to know how mail is going to be delivered? If it will be held ext. She eventually hung up on me when I suggested that they have some sort of script to let the callers know the next steps especially when its a mailbox furnished and maintained by the USPS. I called back after getting hung up on and spoke with a nice lady who answered my questions.


The next morning (Thursday) on my way to work this is what the mailbox looked like. Even worse than the night before.


Needless to say it’s Friday and the mailbox still looks the same. When I called my local post office it beeps and disconnects the call. So I’m trying the 800#. Wish me luck.

USPS – United States Postal Service

So I got back from vaca and went to check my PO Box and my key wouldn’t work. I’m sitting there thinking I got the wrong box and so I logged into my account on to see if I had the correct box and make sure I didn’t miss getting an invoice or something. Well come to find out I’m paid until the end of October 2013 and the box was correct. This is why the stupid USPS is in shambles!!! Because you have incompetent people working for you! Of course I have to wait until Tuesday and the 800# is closed as well. Ill keep you posted on this once I know more.

This is just another reason everything should go electronic!!



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