Verizon Wireless DataGate Continues Into New Month

So a new month and billing cycle started and Verizon Wireless DataGate is still happening to me. I cannot even tell how much usage I have. Might as well just give me Unlimited data at this rate. Wonder how long it will take for someone to actually fix their data reporting issues? Makes you wonder how legit the other complaints are or what my bill is going to look like?? Wonder if I’ll look like this when I see it 😮

VZW 4G LTE @ My House

About 10 days ago I discovered that I now have 4G LTE on my New iPad. Wow its really nice. I cannot wait for the new iPhone 5 or whatever it is going to be called to be released. I will be making sure to keep my unlimited data by paying full price for the phone. Worth while in the long run. Check out these awesome speeds.

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