Verizon Unlimited Better Than TMobile

So I left T-Mobile because their data prioritization was bad! Really bad!! Bad to where you couldn’t even load Google in the web browser. So when I heard about Verizon’s new Unlimited plan I had to ask the CEO if they would be like T-Mobile. Apparently they don’t wanna be like T-Mobile. I’ll give them a chance and see how it goes. Stay tuned I’ll be making sure to share the experience with you all in my commutes and in coming blog posts!

VZW 4G LTE @ My House

About 10 days ago I discovered that I now have 4G LTE on my New iPad. Wow its really nice. I cannot wait for the new iPhone 5 or whatever it is going to be called to be released. I will be making sure to keep my unlimited data by paying full price for the phone. Worth while in the long run. Check out these awesome speeds.

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