Weekly Weight Watchers Update Aug 7, 2017

Another week down and I dropped a bit of weight and went down another Weight Watchers Point. I now have a daily limit of 57 points. WOW! I am rocking this diet!!

This Week’s Weight Loss: 1.4lbs

Total Weight Loss: 87.0lbs

Weekly Weight Watchers Update June 19, 2017

So this past week I hit my 1 year for weight loss on June 13th. Last week I ended up gaining some weight but still was above the 75lbs I wanted for the first year. I am happy to say this week I continued the losing trend.

This weeks weight loss: 2.6lbs

Total weight loss: 78.2lbs

Weight Watchers Weekly Update May 8, 2017

So today is weigh in day and guess what I lost some more weight again! My daily points have dropped from 61 to 60 a day! The stuff you have been waiting for..

Weight loss this week: 1.2lbs

Weight loss entire diet: 70.6lbs

Here is to hoping I get my 75lbs before my 1 year mark!

Weekly Weight Watchers Update May 1, 2017

So as I stepped on the scale and saw how much I lost, I thought to myself that I may almost be to the 70lbs mark. Well, I didn’t get all the way to 70lbs, but It was pretty close. Here is to this coming week and hopes that I make the 70lbs mark. My goal for the first year is to make at least 75lbs lost.

Total lbs lost this week: 1.6

Total lbs lost all time: 69.4