Denny’s Breakfast Dec 10, 2017

Enjoyed a delish 4 point breakfast at Denny’s this morning. 

Weekly Weight Watchers Update And New Diet Dec 2017

So I messed up and said 45 it was really 43 and then dropped to 42. Totally misread stuff. So it’s gonna be interesting. One of the photos is before weigh in and then after this weeks weight loss. So now I deal with 42 a day :/

Weight Watchers Diet Changes 2017

Not sure how I feel about this. Ive been doing so well with Weight Watchers this past year and half and now it’s getting changed. It’s become a part of me and my everyday life. It’s changing and one thing for sure is life does change. So tomorrow upon weigh in this diet that has been my buddy the one that’s helped me lose almost 100lbs is changing. Here is to tomorrow and the newness it brings. 

Breakfast Dec 2, 2017

Enjoyed a delish 15 point breakfast this morning. I bet you guys are starting to see a theme in my food of choice for breakfast on Saturdays. Yup this is my all time favorite breakfast. The best part of Weight Watchers is I get to eat what I want.

Veggie Steaks and Potato Chips on Weight Watchers

Tonight I cooked a Adventist fav. Veggie Steaks and Potato Chips. This is a rather good recipe that my mom makes and it was something that the family did I believe as they were kids. To make it its rather easy. We used the Loma Linda Choplets, half a can of Mushroom Soup, and some potato chips. I used the reduced fat ones because it was less points. I used 19 points for this entire meal. It was rather good and I really enjoyed the corn with a bit of pepper on it since I don’t do anything buttery on it.

Weight Watchers Weigh In After Thanksgiving 2017

Weight Watchers Weigh In Nov 20, 2017