Wine Country Trattoria – World of Color Dinner California Adventure

We ate dinner again in Disneyland California Adventure Park to get front row standing room again to World of Color. I wanted to record it this time using my GoPro.



The cook who prepared the entries should find a new job. Disney I am very disappointed given the amount I paid for the meal! Even after my waitress was kind enough to bring out the stuff to make my entree the entree I ordered it just didn’t taste the same! Yuck! Not to mention my mom ordered the steak well done with not sauce, well it came out bloody and sauce!! Will be a while before I come back and eat here again!


Moving on to dessert which was delish as usual. 


All in all I would rate tonight’s service a 3 out of 10. Because to top it all off when I finally got water after the 3rd time asking for a refill the lady that refilled my water spilled it all over the table and left it for us to clean up. Really???


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