Verizon Data Reporting Issues – They ARE Real

Yesterday morning I woke up to find that all my data was gone from my account and the VZW mobile app was telling me that I needed to purchase more data. In addition safety mode was disabled on the mobile app. Datagate hit me and I was somewhat upset because I knew I had plenty of GB left with just a few more days in the billing cycle. I spent about an hour and half on the phone, the last rep I got to, Brandon was awesome! He said they did have an issue and said they would work on it.

As you can see by the photos and videos Verizon Wireless did have a problem yesterday. It went on throughout the day and I had real time reporting of it being at 0% left. The app kept reporting that I needed to purchase more data. When Brandon and I got off the phone he said it could take a couple days for them to fix the issue. When I woke up this morning one of the first things I did was check my Verizon Mobile App. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all my unused data was back in my account and the app seemed to be reporting correctly now. I think that they did not account for some of my usage when they had issues but hey if that is what they are saying I have used Ill take it. Means I have some for roll over for my trip next week plus my normal data allowance.

I just had to share these because this does show that they do not have true accurate billing practices for data. Wonder if their billing systems are not as up to date as their network? Brandon restored my faith in Verizon who almost lost me as a customer, a 13 year long customer to a competitor who welcomed me with open arms when I tweeted about the issue and included them. Hopefully Verizon Wireless can find the problem, and here is to hoping datagate doesn’t happen to me again.

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    1. I know. I know my usage and know I didn’t consume over 80GB of data. So I called and chatted with them about it. They agree it was an issue on their side. Brandon had to get to several higher levels of IT according to what he said yesterday. Just one of those things thank make you wonder.

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