Breakfast at Boma, Dinner at Rainforest Cafe and Everglazed Easter Donut

We had such an amazing couple of days in todays video. I do want to let you know in this video I am using some newly released features from Final Cut Pro on my MacBook. They are allowing you to do voice localization. Meaning it’s isolating the voice and gives the ability to remove some of the ambient noise. So you will not hear stuff you are normally used to and also in spots it didn’t get the voice 100%. I left it as is because I’m wanting your input on how you think it went.

We started our first day off by going to Animal Kingdom Lodge and grabbed some Boma buffet, we then got to see the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride at Epcot drop and we got preview tickets!! Yay!! Then we went to Disney Springs and grabbed some dinner st Rainforest Cafe. We had to come back the next day for our special treat but it was oh so worth it! It was so fresh!

#boma #rainforestcafe #everglazed

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