Vlogmas Day 14 – Dec 13, 2020 (Panda Express for Lunch and El Torito for Dinner)

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I used my first supercharger and man did it charge the car up pretty quick! We grabbed some lunch at Panda Express and just not sure about people with everything going on. You’ll hear a bit of a rant about common sense. Some of it was geared towards the exec practices at Walmart with the Walmart+ app. But just in general folks are not thinking as clearly or so it would appear. Today is a new day, new hope for humanity. Thank you for allowing me to ramble or rant yesterday. I know folks have a lot to deal with; with everything that is going on. Last night we used a promo for El Torito and got a fiesta party pack for $15 off which made it $15! What a steal!

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