Weekly Weight Watchers Weigh In Aug 20, 2018

So It has been a while since I have posted anything about my weight loss journey. Thats because its kinda been a plato. Thats right its been going up and down in the same range for the past couple of months. Today is Monday and that means that I step on the scale, just because I have not been sharing doesn’t mean that I have not been weighing in. I have been doing it, just not been as good at sharing it outside of my commutes. Changing it up a bit.

This week I actually lost, I am shocked. I was a bit worried I would have gained some more weight. According to the scale I lost 4.8lbs for a total of 127.8 lost and only 35.2lbs to goal. WOW!! I am shocked!! Here is to this week 🙂

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