Why I Now Hate Dish Network

So I just had to post why I now hate Dish Network. I made the decisions to go to Directv because I was able to get it data free streaming to an AT&T phone service. I had so many issues when I went to cancel with the folks that just didn’t know what they were talking about and how they felt I should stick with them given they were the best. Here is why they are not the best. I had to hang up on one of the reps to cancel and plead with another just to get my service cancelled. To find out that when I did cancel that I got charged for them to send me a box to return their equipment that they say they will charge me for if I don’t send it back. Which just irks me because they have you purchase a warranty on the service for like $10 a month to replace leased equipment if something happens, its leased you have to replace it anyways since you own the equipment. Just irks me and its why I now hate Dish Network! I paid them their $12 fee and am saying goodridens.

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